Gerry Cinnamon – live Album trailer

Editing an iconic performance for the screen

After building a creative relationship with Gerry on his spring tour, we collaborated with creative direction team ‘UDC’ and industry rental giant Verve Film in the creation of a selection of assets to celebrate his 2 sold out headline shows at Hampden Park stadium. Our sole focus was to film Gerry’s journey during this major career milestone and, by utilising the wealth of live footage captured by the extended team, create a boutique of hard-hitting films for Gerry’s online platforms.

This film fuses three distinct songs from Gerry’s live show together, planting viewers into the 100,000-strong crowd from that very weekend.

Directors // George Thomson, Harrison Smith – Unlimited Dream Company
Technical Production // Verve
Editor // Brad Kavanagh
Assistant Editor // Amy Laurence
Cameras // Verve Film, Brad Kavanagh, Steve Sroka, Amy Laurence
Post-Production & Colour // KINØ

Cinematic Concert Film
Wide stadium shot of fire igniting and a huge crowd watching Gerry Cinnamon at Hampden Park.
Kampfire Vampire // Hampden Park

Gerry’s visuals live in the world of digital distortion and analogue video corruption, allowing us push the limits to create ‘circuit-bent’ clips using actual video hardware.

Adding in glitches and ‘broken’ clips gives that warped, energetic feel, exactly how it felt to be there in the flesh.

Gerry Cinnamon on stage at Hampden Park.

For this project, Gerry required a 3-song mash-up to compliment the release of his heavily anticipated live album. Flooding with sound design and bespoke glitches and ‘broken clips’, the piece brought to life the Hampden Park sell-out show.


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How we do it

    the motivation

    the motivation

    During the live show, Gerry conducts the audience via his music, pyrotechnics and pedal hits. We took this premise and extended it to every edit.

    We would use close-ups of his hits and strums to trigger expansive pyro and wide shots, followed by audience response and reaction moments to transport the viewer into the 110,000-strong crowd.

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    the visuals

    the visuals

    Once an initial scratch edit was created, we would send the video out of DaVinci Resolve through various pieces of analogue video hardware to distort and warp the signal.

    These clips could then be intercut with the clean footage to add energy, dirt and authentic glitches.

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    the anticipation

    the anticipation

    Having shared a stage with Gerry several times, we’d developed a deep understanding of his stage craft. Allowing us to anticipate his every move, moment and reaction.

    This gave us viscerally engaging footage, really heightening those key performance moments in each edit.

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