Gerry Cinnamon – 2022 TOUR

Touring the UK and Ireland with Gerry Cinnamon

We joined Gerry Cinnamon during Summer 2022 for his UK and Ireland tour with the brief to capture doc-style, behind the scenes content, as well as energetic show moments that would be utilised to promote his upcoming show dates. 

Gerry’s visuals live in the world of digital distortion and analogue video corruption, allowing us push the limits to create ‘circuit-bent’ clips using actual video hardware. Adding in glitches and ‘broken’ clips gives that warped, energetic feel, evoking exactly how it felt to be there in the flesh.

Director/Editor // Brad Kavanagh
Camera Operators // Brad Kavanagh, Steve Sroka
Post Production & Colour // KINØ

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Canter // Cork 2022

Over the course of the tour which saw us travel across the UK and Ireland, we developed a deep understanding of Gerry’s stage craft.

Becoming familiar with how he conducts the audience via his music, pyrotechnics and pedal hits. With this in mind, we put discrete focus on Gerry’s connection with his fans by shooting his pedal stomps and wide pyrotechnic shots, accompanied by audience reactions to build the story of his show.

Belter // Belsonic Festival | Belfast

The edit delved into that world of disruption, we engineered hardware solution that could give Gerry’s edits truly broken-analogue clips, glitches and transitions that further cemented Gerry’s vision for his analogue-video world.

This is one of a handful of promotional edits Gerry released to tease his audiences for his upcoming shows.

Gerry Cinnamon at his live show as filmed by creative film production company KINØ


How we do it



    During the live show, Gerry conducts the audience via his music, pyrotechnics and pedal hits. We took this premise and extended it to every edit.

    We would use close-ups of his hits and strums to trigger expansive pyro and wide shots, followed by audience response and reaction moments to transport the viewer into the 110,000-strong crowd.

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    THE visuals

    THE visuals

    Once an initial scratch edit was created, we would send the video out of DaVinci Resolve through various pieces of analogue video hardware to distort and warp the signal.

    These clips could then be intercut with the clean footage to add energy, dirt and authentic glitches.

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    THE anticipation

    THE anticipation

    Having shared a stage with Gerry several times, we’d developed a deep understanding of his stage craft. Allowing us to anticipate his every move, moment and reaction.

    This gave us viscerally engaging footage, really heightening those key performance moments in each edit.

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