For You

A short telling the stories of four women working in events.

This mini-doc was made in conjunction with International Women’s Day 2023 to tell the stories of several women working within the live events industry, and how they got there. With the focus being on their talents and unique pathways to their jobs, not their gender.  

Director // Amy Laurence, Brad Kavanagh
Producer // Amy Laurence
Camera // Amy Laurence, Brad Kavanagh
Editor // Amy Laurence, Brad Kavanagh
Media Technician // Ashley Ball
Subjects // Robyn Hannah, Natalie Gebbie, Kay Haynes, Ema Gazdik
Post-Production & Colour // KINØ
Music // MusicBed

Artist FilmFeatured
One of our subjects’ safest spaces // New Brighton

Showing our lead characters in their most powerful spaces and their most vulnerable helped humanise their stories. Aiming to inspire the young women and next generation that would see the film.

Robyn Hannah & Ema Gazdik share mix tactics and strategy together during the filming of the short film For You filmed by KINØ

Throughout shooting and story capture, we began to see the intertwining of Robyn & Ema’s stories and jumped on the opportunity to explore it further.


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