FLYNT | I need a minute

An 80’s inspired music video for indie-pop tune, ‘I Need A Minute’

Indie-Pop band Flynt came to us in the need of a music video with a simple brief; Rocky 2, Better Call Saul & Roller Skating.

Featuring two versions, one with a narrative preamble, and one that starts with the music; this video was all about the heart and soul of a character with a secret identity. We drew inspiration from the band’s favourite TV shows and movies such as “Better Call Saul” whom which the main character was modelled on. And we took the colour palette and warm lighting from classic montage movies such as Rocky, Billy Elliot and Top Gun. Applying it to every element of the production design.

We love building worlds with artists and bands. And this one was a fun one to be in.

Director // Brad Kavanagh
Editor // Brad Kavanagh
Lighting Designer // Steven Norman
Camera Assistant & Grip // Calvin Damien Thornborrow
Hair & Makeup // Greta Sergeant
Cast // Paul Dutton, Friends of Wigan Roller Rink
Post-Production // KINØ
Location // Wigan Roller Rink, Wigan

Music Video
Key Protagonist “Jeff” // I Need A Minute

As well as the nostalgic palette and shooting style. The band wanted to feature small easter eggs that pointed to the video’s inspiration. Such as this classic easter egg from ‘Napoleon Dynamite’.

An easter egg in the music video for FLYNT's song "I Need A Minute" as shot by creative film production company, KINØ.
Main protagonist Jeff from the music video for I Need A Minute by the band FLYNT, as shot by creative film production company KINØ

Main actor Paul was first and foremost a skater. But required little direction when it came to acting on camera. Thanks to him, this character was really sold to the audience. Which can be seen in the narrative version of the video on FLYNT’s YouTube channel.

Main protagonist Jeff from the music video for I Need A Minute by the band FLYNT, as shot by creative film production company KINØ
Paul self-choreographed his routine, being an iconic skater on the north-west scene.


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