Springfield | 105

Retro-esque music video for Cumbrian pop-indie band, Springfield

Hailing from the old mining town of Whitehaven, Cumbria; Springfield are a pop-indie band who have boasted enormous success in the football playlist world. And with their new song ‘105’ they wanted a music video that could engage their fans, and have a surprise ending that people perhaps didn’t see coming.

We came up with a palette and production style inspired by movies from northern and scottish towns such as ‘Trainspotting’ and ‘Billy Elliott’. Focussing on muted colours and daylight sources. Finding a derelict living room was the easiest part, as one of the band members’ homes was currently being refurbished. Making the perfect grungy environment for the main performance space.

Director // Brad Kavanagh
Editor // Brad Kavanagh
Production Assistant // Calvin Damien Thornborrow
Post-Production // KINØ
Cast // Jodie Morgan, Rhys Pritchard, Lewis Pritchard, Ben Tucker, Mitch Sloan, Ellis Ferguson

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The song title comes to life through a flip clock.

The band weren’t sure of a narrative, so allwoed KINØ to fully elad from a conceptual standpoint. But they did know what their inspirations were, which helped steer the production decisions.

We created a simple story about a Springfield super-fan who is revealed to have kidnapped the band and is making them play their songs 24/7 in her living room, where she keeps them under lock and key.


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