Sam Fender

Homecoming show at St James’ Park Stadium

Sam Fender’s core creative team collaborated with us to film and create a special edit for his fans, recanting his journey from local boy to stadium icon.

Creative Director Niall Lea had a team of incredibly talented videographers, filmmakers and photographers that provided a trove of amazing footage. Which, added to the roll from our own camera, created this fast-paced, visually racing short film that encapsulates what it is to be at a Sam Fender show.

With Super 16mm shot by Jack Whitefield, Aerial Cinematography from CineDroneUK and some incredible footage from Daniel Broadley & Will Creswick, we were equipped with everything we needed to develop a film that had impact, emotion and heart.

Creative Director // Niall Lea
Editor // Brad Kavanagh
Assistant Editor // Amy Laurence
Cameras // Brad Kavanagh, Jack Whitefield, Daniel Broadley, Will Creswick
Photography // Jamie Macmillan, Isy Townsend
Aerial Cinematography // Cinedrone UK

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Hypersonic Missiles // St James’ Park
Sam Fender is captured by Creative Video Production Company KINØ

Sam’s core team enjoy all things analogue. Giving us full breadth to really push the look and visuals in the edit. Adding bleach bypass elements and inverting colour for single frames to create energy.

We wanted to make sure that the edit matched the level of energy that Sam’s gigs have become known for. Using handheld and shakey camera moves to emulate how it felt to see the show through the audience’s perspective.

Sam Fender is captured by Creative Video Production Company KINØ
Arial shot of fireworks at St James' Park.


How we do it



    Sam already has such a strong core team, and to be invited along in crafting a film to document such a special milestone was really a defining moment of 2023 for us.

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    When adding a documentary moment to the start of the film, we felt that emotion should act as the main motivation.

    Those touching words from Sam’s intimate speech to the audience were taken from the sound desk recording and given an emotive soundtrack made up of various guitar improvisations that Sam played during soundcheck. We reversed these clips and drenched them in reverb to create a mellow soundscape. Meaning that everything about those opening moments came from Sam himself.

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    Sam’s entire creative output is based on heart and soul. And he’s become known for his super 16mm music videos and vintage aesthetic. This was of course something we felt had to be retained for this film.

    The grade used vintage saturated tones and was treated with Agfa film emulation, turning the white tones a shade of blue and the red tones a shade of burgundy, add to this Jack Whitefield’s super 16mm footage and we get that warm and familiar look.

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