Karno Sepia

Building colourful worlds for a new audio product

The SEPIA campaign films were a tour-de-force for our creative disciplines. Creating and building a visual language around their three key needs was as enjoyable as it was challenging. With vibrant colour and ‘endless possibility’ driving the decision-making process; we came up with a selection of visual environments that the films could hop between.

A colourful and abstract studio & live mixing environment, and a virtual world of products and modules acted as the basis of all the footage. With the goal being to get complex information about the products’ features across in a way that evoked creativity and limitless choice. We hybridised the concept by ticking the boxes associated with traditional product explainers and fusing it with our history in music videos and live visuals to make something that leaves a lasting impression.

Director/DOP // Brad Kavanagh
Producer/1st Assistant Director // Amy Laurence
Camera Operator // Tom Wearing
Camera Assistant/Grip // Kerrie Mulhall
Technical Producer // Ashley Ball
Lighting Technician // Joe Egerton
Gaffer // Jay Robinson
Production Assistant // Will Bennet
Hair & Make-Up // Greta Sergeant
Location // Un.Titled Studios
Camera Rental // FilmStore
Cast // Nikki Chong, Sean Nield, Tom Atkinson, Ailis McKay

FeaturedPromo & Brands
Drummer performing in white space at Un.Titled Studio's Manchester.
Shot on a Sony Venice with ZEISS ZP.2 Cine Primes.
Mock-up music producer studio, designed and shot by KINØ.

The usual tasks of engineers and producers were heightened by placing them in a creative world filled with colour and abstract shapes of light. Allowing us to burst open the conventional product promo trends.

2D motion graphics and abstract 3D product renders made the bedrock of shots surrounding the live action footage. With a colour homogeneity that needed to remain consistent throughout. Matching virtual and real colour codes to create something that flawlessly zipped from the digital world to the real one. Much like the product itself.

Bespoke 3D animation created by video production company, KINØ


How we do it

    The concepts

    The concepts

    It’s all about ideas. Whether they be ours or yours, we love making them into emotive, evocative or provocative assets.

    Film, Video and Live Visuals are all part of our visual language. The one thing connecting them all is emotion and impact.

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    THE shoots

    THE shoots

    Our in-house direction team and post-production team are crucial throughout capture and production. Always shooting with the end result in mind, our approach to filming is as planned or flexible as the subject amterial needs to be.

    Shooting an entire concert or promo? Then we use industry leading tools to plan for every beat and drop. Shooting documentary? Then it’s all about handheld, emotion and immediacy. We’re passionate about both.

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    THE edits

    THE edits

    KINØ follows the process from conception to delivery, allowing our direction team to make sure every decision is made with the core needs in mind.

    Great ideas need great footage, which in turn need great editing, great VFX and great motion graphics. We specialise in all of these fields with a unique style and approach that gives you what you need.

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