In the Summer of 2023, we embarked on a journey with audio brand, Karno as they looked to piece together what their visual release of their new digitally-controlled audio platform, SEPIA might look like. When initially meeting with the Director & Founder, Adam Pierce and the Karno team, it was clear from the get-go that the promotional campaign needed to be modern and fresh, with the aim to give the audio world an insight into the capabilities of their new product.

As a team here at KINØ, we managed the planning, execution and delivery of the promotional content for the SEPIA launch, including aspects such as; a wide-scale video shoot, sound design and tackling 2D and 3D animation. The video is the perfect blend of animation and live action. We were really excited to delve into the live action elements of this project, as it was really our bread and butter.


We spent three action-packed days at Un.Titled Studios in Manchester to carry out an intensive video shoot. Using a Sony Venice (with a special mention to FilmStore UK), we utilised three types of grip equipment: a Ronin, Dolly + Track, and Handheld.

The video's narrative revolved around four characters and four distinct virtual scenarios, including an Engineer mixing in a professional studio environment, a music producer mixing in a home studio, the collaboration between a music producer and singer in a home studio, and a singer/guitarist and drummer in a vast, white open space. This selection of individuals and settings was carefully chosen to showcase the diverse range of applications for SEPIA.

The video showcases various applications of SEPIA through live scenes, providing a dynamic visual narrative. As an added surprise, we incorporated colour-changing titan tubes into the mix. The colour scheme remained true to the iconic Karno blue during the more subdued segments of the music track, while during high-energy moments, the titan tubes pulsated in random bursts of SEPIA's designated colour palette, enhancing the vibrancy and excitement of the clips.


The promotional video prominently showcased a fusion of 2D and 3D animation. Crafted and curated using Cinema 4D and After Effects, we brought Karno's team vision to vibrant life. Drawing early inspiration from chromatophores, specialised cells that produce colour, we developed assets that elegantly refracted colour and dimension throughout the visual narrative. The video pays homage to this initial concept, with circular colour elements dynamically colliding to mirror the movement of sound.

In its entirety, we meticulously produced a myriad of 3D and 2D animation assets that seamlessly intertwined within the 4-minute video.


The KINØ team thoroughly embraced utilising all essential disciplines to create SEPIA's official launch video. Collaborating with Adam, Sarah, and the entire team was a pleasure as we enhanced their visual identity and introduced SEPIA to a wider audience. We are excited about the opportunity to further develop our partnership and explore new visual avenues together.

Additionally, we were delighted to see Karno featured in the January/February 2024 issue of TPI Magazine, along with high-resolution 3D renders of our animation showcasing the SEPIA modules and family portrait.

The latest issue of TPI Magazine, featuring high-res 3D image renders created by the KINØ team for the SEPIA official launch.

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